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“Linda Sorensen was one of the most talented and dedicated students I had the pleasure to teach and know in my 20 years of teaching. Her work was and is strong and bold, starting with nature and her own experiences and putting her distinctive creative stamp on it. Art begins where nature ends. Linda’s art was always clearly “Sorensen”. The clear stamp of original character is always the sign of a true artist and Linda Sorensen has it.”  Robert Bateman

Linda is proud to be a member of 
Artists for Conservation and the
Society of Canadian Artists.

Wild Women -
Painters of the Wilderness
Released Fall 2014
Book published by Inanna Publications
a beautiful art book. . . a strong statement by women about recording, sharing and preserving the Canadian wilderness.

Cover of Wild Women showing a painting by each of the contributors.

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July 19, 20 & 21 and  
Oct 4, 5 & 6, 2019

Madawaska Valley Studio Tour 2019

Linda paints outdoor in late autumn
Linda paints "en plein air" in Algonquin's autumn colour.
I was born in London, England in 1953. Throughout childhood I was exceptionally gifted in art. My talent was recognized and encouraged by teacher, now world-renowned wildlife artist and environmentalist, Robert Bateman.
I live in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada. For 40 years I have lived close to nature - I was a part of the back to the land movement and raised my family in a self-sufficient lifestyle.
On returning to my painting I have been developing a body of work I call Algonquin Wilderness. My approach to painting involves hands-on adventure in Algonquin, Ontario's oldest provincial park and one of the largest wilderness destinations in Canada. I travel by canoe or boat, hike and camp. I paint plien air (in any season), take photographs and sketch, constantly exploring light, form and color through my wilderness treks. The reference material that I have documented in the field is brought back to the studio where my larger pieces are created.
I have always thought it was my destiny to be an artist, but I also continue to live my life as an advocate for nature. It is my aspiration to convey my vision of our natural world and its beauty and in doing so to inspire humanity to respect nature and be stewards of our wilderness and wildlife habitats.


Linda Sorensen CV
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